Terms & Conditions

General / Overview
This agreement consists of the Terms and Conditions which shall apply to the relationship between SquareSelect, SquareSelect Inc., and any subsidiaries and or partners found at www.squareselect.com (all collectively known as “SquareSelect”, “SquareSelect Inc.”, “SquareSelect.com”, “us”, “we”, “our”) and the user (collectively known as “User”, “Participant”, “You”, “Your”, “Client”). By using SquareSelect Inc.’s services You agree to be bound to these conditions. You understand the structure of the relationship, and understand the manner in which SquareSelect Inc. operates the business. The Terms and Conditions in this document make up the entire agreement between the User and SquareSelect Inc. and supersede any and all other agreements or terms, whether in writing, verbal or found on the website. You acknowledge that there are no other commitments (prior or current), conditions, or expectations that are applicable which have not been specified in this agreement. Your operation and use of the SquareSelect Inc. website is as an informed and notified user and You shall have no recourse beyond those stipulated in this agreement.

If you have any questions regarding this agreement do not agree to it during the registration process. Any follow-up questions regarding this agreement do not change or alter the terms of this contract. Any requests for clarification of this agreement that are deemed to require a modification to the language will be done as such. No communication should in any way be deemed as a modification or alteration of the Terms and Conditions of this agreement. Please email support at 
support@squareselect.com if you have any such inquiries.

SquareSelect Inc. will follow local tax policy and regulation for the sale of the Token Packs and the purchase of goods and services in the country we operate. Our company is incorporated federally and provincially within Ontario, Canada. The HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) is a consumption tax in Canada which combines Good and Services Tax (GST) and Provincial Sales Tax (PST). The HST in the province of Ontario is 13% and will be charged accordingly to all our products and services (including but not limited to, SquareSelect’s Token Packs, Grand Prizes, Bonus Prizes, and Buy It Now’s) to be collected by the Canada Revenue Agency. Users residing in other provinces/territories within Canada, outside of Ontario, will be charged tax fees accordingly based on the province/territory they reside in. The tax fees for all other provinces and territories are as follows: Alberta (5%), British Columbia (12%), Manitoba (13%), New Brunswick (13%), Newfoundland (13%), Northwest Territories (5%), Nova Scotia (15%), Nunavut (5%), Prince Edward Island (14%), Quebec (14.975%), Saskatchewan (10%), and, Yukon (5%). Users with residency within the United States are not required to pay any taxes provided the user takes delivery of the goods and services outside of Canada. This applies to both intangible and tangible products and services that are provided by SquareSelect Inc.

Any information from promotional materials, advertisements, coupons, and offers (found on any website, television, radio, magazine, or newspaper non-related to SquareSelect Inc.), as well as information found anywhere on the SquareSelect website including but not limited to “Banner Ads”, “Hints”, “Help”, “Recommendations”, ”Strategies”, “Winners Circle”, “Previous Winners”, “”FAQ”, “About Us” are all intended as informational and entertainment purposes.  Nothing in these sections should be considered as policies, rules, regulations, guidelines, recommendations, or commitments. You are expected to evaluate all statements and offerings and realize that SquareSelect Inc. shall not be liable for, or responsible for any actions taken or not taken by You as a result of this information.

Acceptance of Terms & Conditions
If you do not agree to the Terms and Conditions specified in this Agreement, you are not obligated to accept them. However, by doing so, You will not have access to our site’s products and services, You will not be able to access the SquareSelect User Front End information panel, You will not be able to purchase any tokens or token packs, You will not be able to place tokens or select any squares, You will not be able to win any Bonus or Grand Prizes from any Grid Auction posted, and, You will not be allowed to download or use any information or data. 

If You do not agree to these Terms & Conditions, do not visit SquareSelect.com or use its’ services. If You access, use, or download in any way any service from SquareSelect.com, You agree to and are bound by these Terms & Conditions and also acknowledge that (a) You have had the opportunity to review the tutorials and/ or instructions regarding the use of SquareSelect.com including the "How It Works", “Help” and “FAQ” sections (b) You have either reviewed the tutorials/instructions or have chosen not to do so, and (c) You have had the opportunity to ask questions regarding the use of SquareSelect.com by telephone, email or regular mail and to have those questions answered, and have either chosen to do so or not to do so.

Changes to Terms & Conditions
The Terms and Conditions may be altered (added to, deleted from, and modified) at any time without cause by SquareSelect Inc. SquareSelect Inc. will provide notification of modifications to the Terms and Conditions by one or more methods, at their sole discretion. This could be via email, notification in the FAQ page, notification in the blog, banner notification, or some other mechanism of reporting on the website for a term deemed by SquareSelect Inc. to be reasonable. It is your responsibility to review the terms and conditions immediately upon visiting our website each and every time prior to logging into your account, and to ensure that You adhere to them. If you deem that future revisions are unacceptable, then you shall immediately cease from using or accessing in anyway the SquareSelect website and it’s services. By continuing to use SquareSelect.com in any way, it shall be interpreted by us of knowledge of and acceptance of all terms and conditions, and your commitment to be bound by all terms and conditions found in the newly updated agreement.

Account Suspension/Termination
Based on the clauses found in these Terms and Conditions, SquareSelect Inc. reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate Your account if we find You have violated any of the terms in this Agreement, any laws, any rights of other users or third parties associated with SquareSelect Inc., or used our services differently without authorization. Suspending an account may mean the removal of all unplaced tokens whether they were purchased, given for free, or won in Grid Auctions, and the immediate halt to shipping of any and all unshipped products. At SquareSelect’s sole discretion, an account may be taken off suspension, unplaced tokens could be returned, and unshipped products could be shipped. At no point should there be any obligation or expectation for SquareSelect Inc. to reinstate an account, return or refund tokens, or ship products, even if the user has remedied the offense. Examples of unauthorized usage of SquareSelect’s services include, but are not limited to, the use of unauthorized third-party square selecting software or square selection tracking software, the creation of multiple accounts by the same individual or any other fraudulent account activity or behaviour.

User acknowledges that any attempt at collusion with other users either to try to obtain a competitive advantage of SquareSelect Inc. or an unfair advantage over other users may result in immediate termination of the users account with the immediate loss of all remaining tokens and token packs, as well as the forfeiture of the right to be eligible to receive any unshipped products. This does not in any way restrict SquareSelect’s right to use legal methods to collect items already shipped if it can be determined in a court of law that a significant advantage through collusion was attained by a winning participant.

By acceptance of the SquareSelect Terms and Conditions You are confirming that you are the greater of 18 years of age, or the age of majority in the locale where you reside. You acknowledge that based on you residency locale that you are considered to be old enough to enter a contract, and that you are of sufficient age to meet all of the other mandates and requirements as stipulated in this agreement.

At this time SquareSelect.com is only available to residents of Canada and the United States. Users must have residency in either one of these two countries, and must have a physical address to which their winnings can be shipped to.

You acknowledge that you are not a family member of any SquareSelect employee which is defined as a spouse, child, parent, or grandparent. You also acknowledge that you do not reside either permanently or in any temporary manner at the same residence of a SquareSelect employee. You also acknowledge that you do not have a special relationship with any SquareSelect employee in which you could be deemed as having some level of control, responsibility, or oversight over a SquareSelect employee. You are not currently, and have not for a period of 24 months been an employee at SquareSelect Inc.

You acknowledge that all SquareSelect products are for personal use and are not intended to be used or acquired by a commercial or governmental location. 
Only one account per user per household is allowed. SquareSelect Inc. shall have the right to define a household in any way it deems appropriate to ensure that people are not trying to establish some form of an advantage over SquareSelect Inc. or other users. SquareSelect Inc. has the right to control the number of accounts that any family or residents in the same home possess. SquareSelect Inc. shall also have the right to control the number of wins and the eligibility for wins based upon the potential for sharing accounts and duplicating users to either increase win eligibility or to increase the ability of users to win Grand or Bonus prizes. 

Account Sign-Up
To be eligible to register you must check to ensure that no other accounts exist within the same household. You must provide a physical residential address (Post Office Boxes and similar facilities are not allowed). All information must be accurate and truthful. Any false, erroneous, or misleading information will be grounds for, but not limited to, SquareSelect Inc. suspending an account, or not honouring any lost or stolen shipped winnings.
Any activity which is deemed as offensive either towards SquareSelect Inc. or any other user, client, or partner will be grounds for SquareSelect Inc. to suspend the account, and any other accounts which can be directly or indirectly linked to the offender.

Usernames are uniquely chosen by each individual user and do not carry ownership of any kind from any other source. Usernames will be assigned as requested on a first come first serve basis. Your Username and Avatar cannot be created in which it is an attempt to allow other users to establish contact. This includes, but is not restricted to, phone numbers, email addresses, websites, and any social media accounts. Usernames and Avatars cannot be used to promote other products or websites. The Username or Avatar cannot violate the privacy rights, confidentiality rights, copyright, registration or intellectual rights of SquareSelect Inc. or any third party. A Username or Avatar cannot be deemed as offensive, or in any way be deemed as derogatory to any party, race, and gender, ethnical or religious group or intended to provoke or incite violence, anger, civil disobedience, or unrest. If in the sole opinion or discretion of SquareSelect Inc. any user is deemed to be in breach or engaged in a violation of this clause in the Terms and Conditions it can at the sole discretion of SquareSelect Inc. result in the suspension or termination of a user’s account.

SquareSelect Inc. reserves the right to credit or not to credit Your account with free tokens upon registration. In the case Your account is credited with free tokens upon registration, these free tokens are to be considered "free entries" which are to be used at Your sole discretion in any of our live eligible Grid Auctions.

From time to time SquareSelect Inc. may offer free tokens for users who engage in promotion of SquareSelect’s service to other people, or other corporations or entities. The specific terms and conditions, rules and regulations, requirements, restrictions, and procedures for any SquareSelect referral promotion will be outlined, described, and made available for all users at the time of the referral promotion, and can be modified by SquareSelect Inc. at any time. SquareSelect Inc. reserves the right to review any decisions for the provision of free tokens, and should it be deemed that any type of collusion, pressure, external offer, or any type of fraud or illegality occurred, that SquareSelect Inc. in their sole discretion may review the offence and either rescind or reject the offer. SquareSelect’s rights can include the right to suspend the account, and all of the rights entailed in that remedy.

Promotions, Contests, & Coupons
SquareSelect Inc. may from time to time offer promotions and contests. They shall only be deemed as official if they have been sent by SquareSelect Inc. in an email from a SquareSelect Inc. domain, posted on one of SquareSelect’s social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube), or posted anywhere on our official website in the form of a ‘Banner Ad’. Any promotions can be withdrawn or terminated at any time and at SquareSelect’s sole discretion.

The specific terms and conditions, rules and regulations, requirements, restrictions, and procedures for any SquareSelect promotion, contest or giveaway will be outlined, described, and made available for all users at the time of the promotion, contest or giveaway and can be modified by SquareSelect Inc. at any time.

SquareSelect Inc. may from time to time offer coupon codes to be used for Percentage savings, Dollar Amount savings, or for extra Free or Paid Tokens. It is at SquareSelect Inc.’s sole discretion if a coupon code is available to all users or only to specific users, including those who are not yet registered with SquareSelect Inc. The use of any coupon code is restricted respectively to the purchase of token packs, the purchase of Grand or Bonus Prizes, the registration process, or manually
input by the User in their "My Account>Account Information>Coupons" section. Tokens received via a coupon code will also have expiry dates which may vary coupon to coupon, therefore, it is the User’s responsibility to check their “My Token Packs” and their "Coupons" sections in their “My Account” to ensure and keep track of when each and every Token Pack is going to expire.

Purchase of Tokens
SquareSelect Inc. reserves the right to bundle and sell tokens in blocks called Token Packs. The number of tokens in the token pack, and the value of the token pack are at the sole discretion of SquareSelect Inc. SquareSelect Inc. can raise or lower the effective per token price in any token pack as they deem appropriate. The user should have no expectation that a certain value or per token price will be maintained. Depending on the Country and/or Province/State that you reside in, you may be required to pay additional taxes on your Token Pack purchases at checkout (refer to “General/Overview” for more detailed information). All token pack transactions will be in USD and will be debited from your credit card immediately upon payment. If you are not a US resident, your credit card provider will automatically calculate the conversion rate of your countries currency and will display the total next to our descriptor (“SQUARESELECTINC”) on your credit card statement bill. Any attempt to not honour charges for token packs purchased will result in account suspension, and SquareSelect Inc. retains the right to charge You a returned payment fee.

All token packs whether purchased, won in a Grid Auction, or offered for free as part of a promotion, contest, or trial, will have an expiration date. The expiration date of the tokens will vary depending on the type of tokens they are and the way in which they are received. Tokens will come in two forms at SquareSelect Inc. – “Free” and “Paid”. Paid tokens are only tokens that have actually been purchased on our site and will have an expiry date of one full year from the date they were purchased. Free tokens are tokens that have been won in a Grid Auction, received as trial tokens through registration, or received through any coupon code, promotion, contest or giveaway that we may host. Free tokens received through registration will have an expiry date of 14 days. Free tokens that are won in a Grid Auction via Bonus or Grand prize, will have an expiry date of 90 days. Free tokens received through coupon codes, promotions, contests, or giveaways will have their specific expiration time/date displayed for said promotion, contest or giveaway. SquareSelect Inc. at its sole discretion and at any given moment may choose to offer “Paid” tokens instead of “Free” tokens in any of the cases listed above and reserves the right to either shorten or extend the expiry date of such tokens. Although it is SquareSelect’s intent to use tokens from token packs having closer expiration dates, it is the responsibility of the user to determine that tokens are being taken from the correct token pack, and to notify SquareSelect Inc. if they determine that the most appropriate token pack is not being debited.

Any tokens acquired by a user in any way including free, won in a Grid Auction, or purchased, shall be deemed as being a limited license and intangible service to access and use the SquareSelect website and as having no cash value. Any discrepancy with tokens, token pack purchases, placement or use of tokens, must be reported to SquareSelect Inc. as soon as possible, but no later than 7 days after the discovery of the occurrence of the error. It is the responsibility of the user to review their token package acquisitions, tokens placed, and tokens debited from the system at the beginning and end of each session on the site. This will ensure that should there be any errors or flaws they are immediately discovered.
SquareSelect Inc. will not be crediting back any expired tokens in which the User failed to keep track of the expiry dates. This includes but is not limited to, tokens purchased through the “Buy Tokens” page, tokens won via Grand or Bonus prize, tokens credited during registration, tokens credited through the use of a coupon code, or tokens credited for any other reason SquareSelect Inc. deems suitable. SquareSelect does not send out reminders to use up remaining tokens before they expire, therefore it is the sole responsibility of the User to ensure the User is aware of all expiry dates and times.

Cancellation – Returns – Refunds
SquareSelect Inc., at its sole discretion reserves the right to modify the Cancellation, Return, and Refund Policies at any time and the right to apply different cancellation, return, and refund policies for specific Grid Auction items. SquareSelect Inc. also reserves the right to apply unique and custom cancellation policies on an item by item basis. These policies will be listed in the Product Description section of each specific auctioned item. The policies may pertain to all Grid Auction items.

Unless otherwise specified in the Product Description of a specific Grid Auction item offered by SquareSelect, a user shall have the right to cancel the purchase of a Grand or Bonus Prize, and be refunded any shipping, handling, or tax fees that were charged as long as this occurs before the shipment and/or processing of the item has occurred. There is no eligibility to get a refund of tokens for a cancelled item.

Returns will be accepted if the item that was shipped is returned back to SquareSelect Inc., or its' drop-shipping partners, undamaged, unopened, and in its original packaging, within 7 days after the item is received by the user. A tracking number must be provided to SquareSelect to ensure return shipment of the item in question has been fulfilled. You are responsible for any and all shipping, handling, and tax fees that are required for the returned shipment unless the item arrived defective, damaged, or broken. Once the item has been received by SquareSelect Inc. undamaged, unopened, and in its original packaging, SquareSelect will process the allotted refund amount the user is entitled to, which is limited to any shipping, handling and tax charges that were made in the transaction of the returned item. There is no eligibility to get a refund of tokens for a returned item. Failure to adhere to these instructions for return may result in the escalation to legal involvement, which includes but is not limited to, reports to legal local authorities, agencies, and groups, to ensure the incident is resolved. Failure to comply with any legal local authority involvement may result in the pursuit of further legal action by SquareSelect Inc. 

The purchase of any token pack consists of You paying for the promised SquareSelect service – which is providing a predefined amount of tokens for eligible participation in any of our Grid Auctions. If the service of crediting a token pack has not been followed through upon by SquareSelect Inc., then You are entitled to receive your money back. Purchased token packs cannot be returned for refund once they have been used up or have expired. Unused tokens remaining in token packs that have been purchased from the “Buy Tokens” page are eligible for a discounted refund within 7 days from when the original payment was made. Refunds will not be given if the transactions in question have surpassed this 7 day period. Refunds will be calculated at $0.45 per remaining token minus a 20% Refund Processing Fee discount.

If you are deemed in the sole and exclusive opinion of SquareSelect Inc. to be involved or engaged in any fraudulent, improper, or illegal activity that is a breach of these terms and conditions or otherwise engaged in inappropriate behaviour as defined in various clauses within this agreement, your rights for cancellation and or refund may be rejected. This includes excessive requests for return, refund, and or cancellation.

All requests for cancellation, returns, or, refunds, need to be sent to 
support@squareselect.com within the time periods specified above. No other communication shall be accepted including phone messages, posting on any social media accounts, phone calls, hard copy mail, or by any other method or process.

Placement of Tokens & Grid Auctions
Tokens will be placed on SquareSelect through the form of ‘Grid Auctions’. There are four (4) types of Grids at SquareSelect.com – “Tiny", "Small", "Medium", and “Big”. The Tiny Grid contains a total of 25 squares (5 rows x 5 columns). The Small Grid contains a total of 100 squares (10 rows x 10 columns). The Small Grid contains 400 squares (20 rows x 20 columns). The Big Grid contains a total of 1296 squares (36 rows x 36 columns). Each Grid Auction will contain one (1) Grand Prize and can potentially include up to nine (9) Bonus Prizes. These Grand and Bonus Prizes are randomly scattered throughout the Grid and are not revealed until a user has selected the winning square. Each Grid Auction will have a defined ‘Cost Per Square’ that defines how many tokens each square will cost within each specific Grid Auction. A live ‘Squares Remaining’ countdown is displayed for the user to inform them how many squares remain unselected within each Grid Auction.

Each square that is selected will result in the debit of a predefined number of tokens from the token pack with the earliest expiry date. Tokens that are debited from Your account will no longer be eligible for a refund - no exceptions. Once the Grand Prize of a Grid Auction is revealed, no further square selections will be allowed, and the Grid Auction will be deemed ‘Closed’. The winner of the Grand and Bonus prizes will be required to pay for any applicable shipping, handling, and tax charges in order to fully claim their winnings. It will be Your responsibility to ensure that Your shipping address is correctly filled out each and every time You claim an item. SquareSelect will not be held responsible for any mistakes made by the User on the ‘Shipping Information’ section on the payment page.

Due to screen lags, volume of participants, user’s internet connections, or any other reason, any square that is selected may not always result in the immediate display of the users selection, username, or avatar. Due to the instability of wireless and slow speed internet connections, it is recommended that you perform all activity on SquareSelect via a wired high speed internet connection.

Loss of a Grid Auction, getting caught up in the moment, loss of internet connection, or exceeding an item’s retail value, shall not be deemed as reason to be eligible for a refund of used tokens. It is up to You to participate in each Grid Auction responsibly and to do Your necessary due diligences to ensure you are aware of your Token Balance activity including all token debits, credits and purchases.

SquareSelect may provide the user with a Hint Indicator of either "Hot", "Warm", or "Cold" for their square selection within a Grid Auction. This Hint Indicator is integrated to assist the User with the whereabouts of the Grand Prize within the Grid. Bonus Prizes are not integrated with the Hint Indicator feature. “Hot” indicates that the User’s most recent square selection is really close to the Grand Prize’s square location. “Warm” indicates that the User’s most recent square selection is getting closer to the Grand Prize’s square location but is not quite “Hot”. “Cold” indicates that the User’s most recent square selection is not close to the Grand Prize’s square location. Hint Indicators will display at the bottom of the User’s screen for roughly three (3) seconds each time it appears. SquareSelect reserves the right to identify the number of squares a User must select before they are given a Hint Indicator, and reserves the right to modify this number any time at SquareSelect’s sole discretion. SquareSelect may choose to temporarily remove or permanently remove this feature at any given moment without any prior notice to the User. SquareSelect reserves the right to include or exclude certain Grid Sizes from providing the Hint Indicator feature.

Grid Auction Eligibility & Participation
To create a fair and equitable user experience SquareSelect Inc. may offer or restrict specific items (Grid Auctions) to specific users, user groups, locations or any demographic category or criteria that SquareSelect at its sole discretion deems acceptable, honest and fair. This will either allow or restrict these above defined specified users from participating and or viewing the above defined specified items. Factors for eligibility or restriction can include length of membership, time since last win, number of Grid Auctions won, or any other factor SquareSelect decides to use at its sole discretion. SquareSelect Inc. shall establish and control access to specific Grid Auctions based upon any method or criteria that SquareSelect Inc. in its sole discretion determines will improve the experience for specific users to maintain an equal level of fairness across the entire SquareSelect user base.
A user can select a square at any time during which the Grid Auction of a specific item is live on the Home Page of our website. There is no expectation that users who have been participating in a specific Grid Auction have any preferential treatment or rights to be eligible to win a Grand or Bonus prize. A user could win a Grand or Bonus prize with a single square selection even after a significant number of squares have already been selected beforehand by other users. It is Your responsibility to strategize when You should use Your tokens and when You should not, and also which square to select and which to not.

The results of the SquareSelect system shall be the ultimate determining factor of each Grand and Bonus prize winner. The system records all official winners and notifies them accordingly. Screen captures, videos, or any other representations of the series of events in the Grid Auction shall not be deemed as grounds for determination of a Grand or Bonus prize winner. Any loss of a Grid Auction for any reason shall not be grounds to recover any tokens placed.

Acceptance and Payment for Winning Prize
Upon winning a Grand or Bonus prize the user has thirty (30) days to confirm and pay for the Grand or Bonus prize in full. Failure to confirm and pay for the Grand or Bonus prize within this time period will result in the expiry of the offer. This gives SquareSelect Inc. the right to withdraw the item at the offered price. Once the offer has been withdrawn the user has no further rights to the Grand or Bonus prize, and SquareSelect Inc. has no further obligation to the user for the winning prize. No refunds will be given for tokens that were used to win the expired offer. Losing participants shall also have no eligibility for refund of tokens, or eligibility to claim an item in which they were not a winner. SquareSelect Inc. does not go to back-participators (those who did not win the Grand or Bonus prize but participated in the same Grid Auction) and offer them the ability to acquire, claim, or purchase the items which was not acknowledged or paid for by the Grand or Bonus prize winner.

The amount due from the prize winner shall include any applicable shipping, handling, and tax charges. It is at SquareSelect’s sole discretion to extend the thirty (30) day confirmation period for any specific user and for any specific Grand or Bonus prize.

All Grand and Bonus prizes may be subject to a small 'handling' fee that is strictly used to process your transaction record. This includes but is not limited to all, products, gift cards, e-gift cards, free tokens, and paid tokens. This handling fee is consistent across all Grand and Bonus prizes and does not differentiate according to the value of the Grand or Bonus prize. SquareSelect Inc. reserves the right to increase, decrease, or remove the handling fee at its sole discretion. 

Buy It Now
A Buy It Now ("BIN") option may be available throughout the Grid Auctions posted at SquareSelect.com. SquareSelect reserves the right to decide if the BIN option is available or unavailable for each individual Grid Auction. If available, a blue "Buy It Now" button along with the current "Buy It Now Price" will be displayed. If unavailable, a grey "Buy It Now Unavailable" button will display instead. Grid Auctions with the BIN available will typically just have one (1) BIN available to be purchased by one (1) user, however we may choose to increase the number of BIN's available for each specific Grid Auction. The BIN price of a Grid Auction will always be equal to the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of the product being auctioned off within the specific Grid Auction, at the start of the auction. As users begin to participate within a Grid Auction, the BIN price will begin to decrease for each Token each of the participants collectively uses within said Grid Auction. Once a BIN has been successfully purchased by a participant, if there are no further BIN's available, the Grid Auction will then display the "Buy It Now Unavailable" button. If there are more BIN's available after the first has been purchased, the BIN price will refresh back to the MSRP and the process will begin over again until there are no further BIN's available. The amount of money each Token decreases the BIN price by is predetermined by SquareSelect and may be modified any time at SquareSelect's sole discretion. Each Grid Auction will identify which type of Tokens are eligible towards decreasing the BIN price. Each BIN will either accept "Paid Tokens" only, or "Paid and Free Tokens".
In order to utilize the BIN option of a Grid Auction, you must first become a participant within that specific Grid Auction. A minimum amount of Tokens may be required in order to use the BIN. If such a minimum requirement exists for a specific Grid Auction, and you have not met the requirement, you will be notified via a pop-up notification when you attempt to select the BIN button. SquareSelect reserves the right to modify this minimum requirement at any time at SquareSelect's sole discretion.
The BIN will be available for the entire duration of the Grid Auction and will continue to be available for an extra thirty (30) minutes after the Grand Prize of the Grid Auction has been selected, unless a user purchases the last remaining BIN before the Grand Prize is found. Once this extra time has passed, the BIN will expire and any eligible participants will no longer be able to use the BIN option for that specific Grid Auction. A minimum BIN price of $1.00 USD is in effect for every Grid Auction, therefore the system will not allow the BIN price to decrease any lower than this specified amount. SquareSelect reserves the right to modify the minimum BIN price at any time at SquareSelect’s sole discretion.
There are no limits as to how many BIN's a specific user can purchase. Shipment of BIN purchases will be handled in the same fashion as our Grand and Bonus Prizes. Specific details can be found in the "Shipping and Delivery" terms section below.
You hereby grant SquareSelect Inc. and its partnered affiliates permission, authorization and limited license to use and reproduce any testimonial(s) that You provide, in whole or in part. You grant permission, authorize, and agree to allow SquareSelect Inc. and its partnered affiliates to retouch, edit, summarize, publish, advertise, or sell Your testimonial(s) in any format it is provided in, including but not limited to, text, photo, and/or video.
Testimonials are not mandatory and are submitted voluntarily and willingly by the User. Users should not expect any form of compensation in return for submitting a testimonial unless an offer from SquareSelect Inc. has been made. SquareSelect may offer free tokens from time to time in exchange for User’s testimonials. Details of any requirements or restrictions of such offer will be announced to all Users at such time the offer is presented. SquareSelect Inc. may limit the amount of testimonials each specific User may provide. If Your testimonial is chosen to be advertised, only your first name, last initial, and geographical location (city, state/province) shall be posted alongside your testimonial.

Substitution Rights
Should SquareSelect Inc. be unable to ship an item won by a user, SquareSelect Inc. reserves the right to substitute the item for another deemed in SquareSelect’s sole opinion to be comparable, or matched in retail value, or in the form of an electronic or physical gift card. A number of options will be provided to the user to choose from.

Expectation of Winning
Using the SquareSelect Inc. website is strictly for entertainment shopping purposes. The user has no expectation to automatically win an item they participate in. There are many factors which go into the winning of a Grand or Bonus prize that are out of SquareSelect’s control. Such factors include, but are not limited to, different levels of skill, knowledge, research, study, strategy, perception, and timing. Every user should have an expectation of loss of each and every token that they use. Although the selection of each and every square does increase the odds of winning for all users, winning a Grand or Bonus prize is not reflected by the speed at which the squares are selected. Users are encouraged to come up with their own square selecting strategies in order to increase their chances of winning. Some of SquareSelect Inc.’s Grid Auctions will have the ability of accepting free tokens and/or paid tokens for each square selection the user makes. These Grid Auctions give You, the user, the same equal opportunity to win a Grand or Bonus Prize with a free token, as it would for a user who uses a paid token. Not all Grid Auctions give you this ability, as some will require that you only use paid tokens in order to participate.  

Shipping and Delivery
It is agreed that any item shipped by SquareSelect Inc. to any winning participant is still owned by SquareSelect Inc. until such time that full payment for the item’s shipping, handling and taxes, as well as any token packs purchased have been paid for by participant and received in full by SquareSelect Inc. Shipment Processing for Grand Prizes, Bonus Prizes, and Buy It Now's will commence within seventy-two (72) business hours from successful receipt of payment by the User. Tracking information may or may not be provided to the User by SquareSelect for each individual shipment.
It is Your responsibility to ensure that a correct and valid Canadian or US physical address is provided for all shipments. The user provided address must be complete, in proper format, and without any spelling errors, so as to sufficiently allow Canada Post, FedEx, DHL, UPS, Purolator, or any other courier company to be able to successfully find and deliver the item to the correct address. This includes ensuring that the mailbox or shipping requirements relating to size, and weight, and accessibility can all be satisfied.  Any times and dates provided for delivery are estimates. No guarantees are intended for any dates or times for shipping communicated either on the SquareSelect Inc. website, communicated through email, communicated through third party courier websites, or any other method. SquareSelect Inc. shall have the right to use any third parties, and to change those parties without notice to satisfy and meet the shipment of any product. Any damage that occurs through shipping should be noted before opening of the package. Notification of any shipping damage should be provided immediately to SquareSelect Inc. Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of any possibly return, refund, or exchange with SquareSelect Inc.

You and SquareSelect Inc. agree that this agreement and any understandings and stipulations between You and SquareSelect Inc. shall be under the terms and be governed by the laws of the Province of Ontario. Any stipulations or laws of other provinces, including Quebec shall not apply including those that include liability or warrant exceptions to SquareSelect Inc. or our representatives.

Risk and Responsibility
You, the Client, agree that all risk and responsibility is retained at the sole risk of the client. SquareSelect Inc., its officers, its owners, its agents, its merchants, its partners, its shippers, its software and hardware providers, its manufactures, its retail agents, its wholesalers and merchandisers, its employees, or any third parties it uses, does not in any way warrant that the website shall be worm or bug free, or that there are Trojan horses, spyware, keyboard loggers, malware, adware, snooping systems, or any other systems or code deemed to be malicious or invasive, that may have infected the Client’s device that is used to access www.squareselect.com. None of the parties warrant the results, or take responsibility for any accuracy of any information provided. There is no intent of safety for any product shipped. SquareSelect Inc. shall not be responsible for any harm or duress caused to client for either their use of the website or any interaction with the parties described, or the use of any of the products shipped by SquareSelect Inc. Any materials provided by any third parties including third party websites, advertisements, blogs, social media mediums, independent writes, referrals, recommendations, or advice, shall not be deemed as in any way the responsibility of SquareSelect Inc. The Client retains all responsibility for the decisions they make based on any information they rely upon.

Your use of the SquareSelect Inc. website is at your sole risk. You are responsible for the activity done using your account. Make sure you keep your account login details in a safe place to ensure You are the only person with access to Your account. SquareSelect Inc. will not be held responsible for any activity done using your account. This website and any other websites that point to or provide information or links to SquareSelect.com are provided by SquareSelect Inc. on an “as is” and “is available” basis. To the full extent of the law, SquareSelect Inc. disclaims all implied or assumed liabilities and warranties either assumed directly or indirectly through a third party. This clause also includes but is not limited to conditions of the merchantability or the fitness to be used or accessed for any particular purpose, or for any general purpose or non-infringement.

There are no representations, warranties, expectations, obligations, or conditions either implied, expressed, or, delivered, directly or indirectly as to the competence or operation of SquareSelect Inc. or their agents on the usability, accuracy or security of the website or the services delivered either through the website, or for any actions resulting from the relationship or iteration of SquareSelect Inc. and Client interaction and relationship.
Any information, content, goods, services offered on the website, or through email, social media, product brochures, advertising, information pages may contain or be deemed in part to include inaccuracies or be deemed in whole to be inaccurate. SquareSelect Inc. does not in any way warrant any information provided is reliable, correct, or accurate, and that any decisions can be made, or any relationship established because of this information.
SquareSelect Inc. in no way guarantees the operability or usability of the website in anyway. The Client understands that flaws of system errors may occur that only affect them and their interaction with the website, this includes but is not limited to internet lag, internet connectivity, browser cache related issues, and device limitations and capabilities. The Client assumes all risk for any errors and inaccuracies whether they are system wide or occur for one or more users. Client shall be fully responsible for any loss of data, any loss of tokens, or any harm to Client equipment, hardware or software, or any loss of reputation during their use of and access to the SquareSelect Inc. website.

There should be no Client expectation for ability to access the system at any time. The schedule and time and location of availability of the system is up to the sole discretion of SquareSelect Inc. SquareSelect Inc. reserves the right to restrict availability and access to the site for specific users, specific regions and geographical locations, or in any other way that SquareSelect Inc. determines in the sole interest to be beneficial or warranted. It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure the Client is abiding by and complying with applicable local laws from where they reside, when they access SquareSelect Inc.’s website. Client confirms that if Client chooses to access the SquareSelect website outside of Ontario, Canada, Client has done so on their own initiative and are solely responsible for doing so. Client is aware that Participation in any of the Grid Auctions that are posted at www.squareselect.com does not guarantee the winning of any Grand or Bonus prizes. Client agrees that each and every user or participant has the same equal opportunity to win a Grand or Bonus prize.

You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold SquareSelect and its members, managers, shareholders, directors, officers, employees, agents, affiliates, licensors, and other partners (collectively known as, the "Indemnified Persons") harmless from any loss, cost, expense, liability, claim, or demand, including reasonable legal fees, suffered by any Indemnified Persons due to, arising out of, or in connection with (i) Your use or misuse of SquareSelect or any of the services offered by SquareSelect Inc., (ii) any violation of these Terms & Conditions by You or any person acting in collusion with You or any person who uses Your account, (iii) any violation of applicable law or court order by You, and (iv) any negligence or willful misconduct by You.

SquareSelect shall not be considered as any form of illegal gaming or gambling, as it provides all newly registered users with the opportunity for free entry. SquareSelect eliminates the element of risk and consideration and therefore is not an illegal operation. To qualify for a free entry, new users must complete our Free Entry Form which can be found here. Users will need to print out the form, answer all the questions completely, and send the form to SquareSelect's physical mailing address which can be found below. A compiled list of restrictions can be found on the Free Entry Form, to which each user must agree to, and abide by. 

This Agreement was last updated 17/05/2017.

      Contacting Us 
If there are any questions regarding these Terms and Conditions, you may contact us using the information below. 
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