How It Works

SquareSelect explained in 4 easy steps:

Register & Buy Tokens!
Once you've successfully registered your FREE SquareSelect account, the first thing you'll want to do is Buy Tokens. Our tokens come in the form of "Token Packs" which come loaded in many different sizes to suit everyone's square selecting needs! The larger the Token Pack you buy, the more FREE Bonus Tokens you get, so make sure you choose wisely! 

Grid Auction Diagram
Once you've loaded your account up with some Tokens, you'll be ready to get in on the action! The next several images below provide a more in-depth explanation of how SquareSelect works, step by step, from start to finish. Here's a brief breakdown of how each Grid Auction will look like on the home page:

Product Details Page
Once you select the Grid Auction you are most interested in, you will be taken to the Product Details Page of that auction.On this page, there will be a Grid of squares. Below is a quick example of what the Grid will look like as well as a description of each of its elements.
Our "Tiny Grid" contains 25 squares (5x5).
Our "Small Grid" contains 100 squares (10x10).
Our "Medium Grid" contains 400 squares (20x20).
Our "Big Grid" contains 1296 squares (36x36).

Below is our Grid Auction Legend which will help you identify the meaning of each of the squares within each Auction Grid. 

Grand & Bonus Prize Winner Pop-ups
If you select the correct Grand or Bonus Prize square, you will see either one of these pop-ups below appear on your screen. In order to claim your winning item, you must click the "Make Payment" button to proceed to the checkout screen. Users who did not win the Grand or Bonus Prize will still be able to view this pop-up by clicking the winning square if they wish to see the details of the winner. You will not be able to see the "Make Payment" button unless you are the winner. 

View Cart
If you are not ready to pay for your won item right away when the winning pop-up (displayed above) appears - no sweat! You'll be able to pay for it whenever you are ready by clicking the "View Cart" button, or the "My Account" button. You will have 30 Days to claim your item from the day you win it. 

Checkout Page
When you are ready to claim your won item, you will be taken to the checkout page displayed below. From here, all you have to do is select one of our available payment methods, enter your shipping address information, check off the Agreement box, and press Continue!

Shipping & Processing!
Once you've successfully paid for your won item, we will begin processing your order within the next 72 business hours and get it shipped out right to your door! We will also provide you with a Tracking Number in your "My Account" so you can keep track of your item every step of the way! 

$aving Money!
And there you have it...Entertainment Shopping at its absolute finest! It's easy, fun, and, rewarding! Saving money has never been this exciting! Register today and stop paying retail for the stuff you love!